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 Flight Design CTLS Operation Manuals

Below is a list of manuals useful to the training and purchase
 of a Flight Design CTLS light sport airplane
CTLS Brief History CTLSINFO.pdf
Flight Design CTLS Aircraft Operating Instructions (AOI or POH)  LS-POH.pdf
Flight Design CTLS Cruise Suppliment to AOI March 2010  LS_Proformance_Supplement.pdf

Flight Design CTLS Transition Syllabus  CTLS_Syllabus_initial rev 0.pdf
Dynon D100 EFIS (Electronic Flight Informaton System) Manual  EFIS-D100 Pilot's User Guide.pdf
Dynon D120 EMS (Engine Monitoring System) Manual  EMS-D120 Pilot's User Guide.pdf
Garmin GPS 496 Manual Quick Reference  GPSMAP496_GPSMAP496QuickReferenceGuide.pdf
Garmin GPS 496 Complete Owners Manual GPSMAP496_OwnersManual.pdf
Garmin SL40 Com Radio Manual  SL40Comm_UserGuide.pdf
PM3000A Intercom  PM3000_PG.pdf
Rotax 912 ULS engine manual d04050.pdf
Tru Trak Digiflight IIVS 2-Axis Autopilot Manual  DigiflightIIOperatingManual.pdf


Zaon MRXa Portable Collision Avoidance System  MRX Manual 2.9.pdf

N505MA Basic Airspeeds  N505MA Basic Airspeeds.xlsx

N505MA Weight and Balance Document  N505MA Weight and Balance May 24, 2010(1).xlsx

N505MA Checklist   N505MA checklist.xlsx