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What is Light Sport?



A: Has maximum gross weight of 1320 pounds
     Has a maximum of 2 seats including the pilot
     Has a maximum indicated speed in level flight of 120 knots or 138 mph with maximum continuous power
     Has a maximum stall speed of 45 knots or 51 mph  
     Unpressurized with a fixed gear and non-adjustable propeller in the air 

A: Be at least 17 years old 
     Have at least a US Driver's License and comply with restrictions
     No aviation medical exam required, as long as you have never been denied one in the past
     Carry a maximum of one passenger
     Operate only in Class G and E airspace, unless endorsed by an instructor
     No flights higher than 10,000' above sea level, or no higher than 2000' above ground if over 10,000'
     Pass an FAA knowledge test unless already a private pilot with an expired medical
     No flights after dark
     No business use of your personal light sport airplane while holding a sport pilot certificate
     Need 3 miles of visibility
     Instructor endorsement needed for speeds above 87 knots
     No flight above the clouds (VFR on top) - always in sight of ground

A: Dual (with an instructor) - 15 hours which includes
            2 hours of cross country flight training
            10 takeoffs and landings to a full stop at an airport using a traffic pattern
            3 hours of flight training within the last 60 days prior to the practical test
    Solo (by yourself) - 5 hours which includes 1 solo cross country flight of at least 75 nm total
            distance with a full stop landing at a minimum of 2 additional airports. One segment must
            be at least 25 nm between take off and landing 

A: This is using
       1. a more realistic 35 hours of flight trainingThe goal is not just to pass an exam quickly,
           but to be a safe pilot in the New Mexico high desert environment.  
       2. a student doing self-study for the FAA written exam before flight instruction begins, to
           keep ground instruction cost to a minimum
       3. additional ground instruction for local area and specific aircraft knowledge, not
           included in written exam preparation, plus review for practical oral and flight exam

       4. at this time Mauldin Aviation is NOT able to offer this flight training due to a necessary

           change in airplane insurance.

           $3,325.00 - $95/hr for 35 hours in a light sport airplane, including fuel and insurance.
                                 - tax not included (approximate time for the well-prepared, exceptional student)

              $800.00 - $40/hr for 20 hours ground instruction, with written exam already completed

                                 - tax not included (approximate time for the well-prepared, exceptional student)

            $1000.00 - $40/hr for 25 hours dual flight instruction - tax not included (approximate time

                                   for the well-prepared, exceptional student)

              $  86.75 - Gleim Sport Pilot Kit with software in a sturdy flight bag - with all books and supplies

                                needed for ground, flight, and written exam study - purchase at

                                (shipping not included)

              $300.00 - examiner's fee for practical orals and flight exam (tax included)

              $150.00 - written exam fee at Double Eagle Airport, Albuquerque NM (tax not included)


 Total $5,661.75   plus tax if applicable - approximate cost to complete sport pilot airplane

                               certificate. Fees from vendors subject to change without notice.



Q: How long will it take to finish the sport pilot training?
A: If you have no weather or mechanical delays, can train 4-5 days a week, having 2 training
             flights a day with ground sessions, and have the written exam completed before flight
             training begins, 2-3 weeks would mathematically work. As mentioned above, Mauldin Aviation
             currently is not able to offer flight training.
             That short amount of time would assume that the student has a positive attitude and is
             motivated to do an equal amount of self-study outside of the airport environment before
             the next training day.
             It also assumes that the student has no commonly seen older age-related medical or
             mental restrictions to learning new skills as a beginner. It has been demonstrated
             at flight schools around the country that the age of the student can definitely change the
             amount of hours necessary to show proficency.
             So to summarize, be patient with your progress, and set realistic goals on the time that it
             will take to finish your sport pilot airplane certificate, based on your background. Another
             source of good information on the sport pilot is.